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The ONW Interview: NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

Premier Wynne's new transit panel shows a key difference between the two politicians, Howath tells Susanna Kelley. Actions, not endless talk, will differentiate them next election.

The ONW Insiders: Hershell Ezrin, Howard Hampton and Jeff Bangs

While the OPP investigates deleted emails from top McGuinty aides in the gas plant scandal, the Insiders step back to assess each leader's performance this sitting

The ONW Insiders: Hershell Ezrin, Howard Hampton and Jeff Bangs.

PC leader Tim Hudak wants to know if a list of fee increases on or off the table for Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. The ONW Insiders with host Susanna Kelley.

Gambate: Inside Mike Harris' Common Sense Revolution

He grew up in poverty yet as a minister brought in the toughest welfare reforms in Ontario history. David Tsubouchi tells ONW about his new book and being at the epicentre of the CSR

The ONW Insiders: Taxes, Tolls and Transit

Will Ontario agree to HST and gas tax hikes to raise $34 billion over 20 years to fight GTHA gridlock? Insiders Hershell Ezrin, Howard Hampton and John Parker on Metrolinx's recommendations.

The ONW Insiders, Part 1: The NDP-Liberal Budget Deal

Hershell Ezrin, Jeff Bangs and Howard Hampton on whether NDP budget wins are an example of might over right, or democratic, compromise minority government politics at its finest?

The ONW Insiders, Part 2: Rob Ford Crack Allegations

Will reports of a video allegedly showing Toronto's mayor smoking crack do in Ford Nation? ONW Insiders Hershell Ezrin, Jeff Bangs and Howard Hampton with host Susanna Kelley.

The ONW Insiders, Part 1: Hershell Ezrin, Howard Hampton, Jeff Bangs

Former Premier Dalton McGuinty says he made the decision to shutter the Mississauga gas plant. But how likely is it he made the eleventh-hour election choice alone?

The ONW Insiders, Part 2: Hershell Ezrin, Howard Hampton, Jeff Bangs

Former Premier Dalton McGuinty cancelled the Mississauga gas plant in mid-campaign without knowing the cost. How often are important policy decisions made on the fly?

The ONW Insiders: Ontario Budget 2013

More money for home care, jobs for youth, lower car insurance rates ... John Snobelen, Howard Hampton and Bob Richardson on whether the Liberals can successfully woo the NDP and avoid an election.

The ONW Insiders: What Kind Of Budget Does Ontario Need?

The Liberals' May 2nd budget may win NDP support, but is it what Ontario needs? Former PC Premier Ernie Eves, Liberal Bob Richardson and former NDP leader Howard Hampton debate.

The ONW Insiders, Part 1: Justin Trudeau's First Week

Justin Trudeau made his debut as Liberal leader in Ottawa this week. He stuck to his theme of championing the middle class. Ezrin, Hampton and Bangs on the strategy behind that.

The ONW Insiders, Part 2: Justin Trudeau's First Week

When Justin Trudeau fights the next election, the battlegrounds are clear: seats in Ontario's "905" belt and Quebec. Ezrin, Hampton and Bangs on what he needs to do to win.

The ONW Insiders: Big Gamble on Big Move

Fuel tax? Highway tolls? Metrolinx has released ideas on how to pay for new transit. Can Kathleen Wynne sell voters on paying more? Ezrin, Hampton and Bangs on her Big Gamble on The Big Move.

The ONW Insiders: The Rob Ford Bombshell

The Toronto Star alleges the Toronto Mayor has a drinking problem that has been an open secret at city hall. Ezrin, Bangs and Hampton on when the private becomes a legitimate public concern.

The ONW Insiders: Is The Fix In For A Toronto Casino?

Premier Wynne has pulled two Ontario Lottery and Gaming officials in to demand Toronto won't get a special casino deal. Hershell Ezrin, Jeff Bangs and Howard Hampton on that.

The ONW Insiders: Is the Political Pendulum Swinging Left?

Justin Trudeau signs up 150,000 supporters; Almost 61 per cent of Ontarians prefer the Liberals or the NDP. We ask Ezrin, Snobelen and Hampton: are Canadians moving left?

The ONW Insiders: Tim Hudak's Big Hard Right Gamble, Part 1

Ontario a Right To Work province. 10,000 education workers cut. Can going hard right win the next election for the PC's? Ezrin, Snobelen and Hampton on Tim Hudak's big gamble.

The ONW Insiders: Tim Hudak's Big Hard Right Gamble, Part 2

Cracking down hard on unions, cutting welfare payments. Tim Hudak is gambling it all on going hard right. Ezrin, Snobelen and Hampton on whether it's a winning strategy.

The ONW Insiders: The Gas Plant Affair

The PC's and NDP have been hammering the Liberals for months over the gas plant affair. How seriously is it affecting the Wynne government? Insiders Ezrin, Snobelen and Ferreira's surprise take.

The ONW Insiders: Throne Speech Strategies

The Speech may buy Premier Wynne time and distance from Liberal scandals. But what are Tim Hudak's and Andrea Horwath's Throne Speech strategies? Ezrin, Hampton and Bangs weigh in.

The ONW Insiders: The New Ontario Cabinet

What message do Kathleen Wynne's new cabinet picks send about where she's taking Ontario? Queen's Park experts Marie Bountrogianni, John Snobelen and Sheila White give us their take.
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ontarionewswatch.com NEWS
Canadian forces exchanged fire with ISIS despite the PM's promise they'd only advise in Iraq. Blair McCreadie, Marit Stiles and Bernie Farber on the NDP's charge that Harper "lied."
January 22, 2015
It could take one to two years for low oil prices to really boost Ontario's job numbers, says economist Mike Moffatt in this audio interview with Susanna Kelley.
January 21, 2015
Education Minister Liz Sandals is openly musing about breaking up the TDSB. Randall White wonders if the "dysfunctional" board has orchestrated its own demise.
January 20, 2015
The Ontario Tories have to get back to being the party of law and order, says leadership candidate Lisa MacLeod. It mustn't ignore what it truly believes in if it wants to win power, she told ONW.
January 15, 2015
Law and order, energy and economics, debt and deficits. PC leadership candidate Lisa MacLeod lays out her priorities to build both the party and the province in this interview with Susanna Kelley.
January 15, 2015
Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans legislation to increase police power in light of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France. Do we need them? John Capobianco, Marit Stiles and Bernie Farber debate in t
January 14, 2015
Premier Wynne has pulled off a cunning piece of political engineering by luring federal NDP MP Glenn Thibeault into resigning and running for the Liberals. Or has she? More from Randall White.
January 13, 2015
The 3.7 million-strong march defending French democracy is directly relevant for Ontarians, whose October vote may decide whether Canada's democracy survives intact: Susanna Kelley.
January 12, 2015
PC leadership candidate Patrick Brown is running against the party establishment and won't just "tweak" it, but "clean house," he says in this clip from an interview with ONW.
January 07, 2015
Brown plans to "clean out" the PC party establishment and even work with the Liberals and NDP if they have good ideas, says the candidate in this in-depth interview with ONW's Susanna Kelley.
January 07, 2015
They talked infrastructure, Ring of Fire and pensions. But with no commitments, what was all that fuss about? John Capobianco, Marit Stiles and Bernie Farber decipher the political maneuvering.
January 07, 2015
Ontario voters will very likely determine Canada's next Prime Minister and whether we'll have a minority or majority government. Randall White explains.
January 06, 2015
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