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  • View From The Inside: Paul Ferreira

    She consistently polls first among party leaders in Ontario. But NDP insider Paul Ferreira says Andrea Horwath's decision on when to pull the plug on the Liberal government may just define her.
    Posted date : November 13, 2013
    Length of video:
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    The Liberals have survived a Premier's resignation, a leadership campaign and two minority budgets. But raising $32 billion to fight gridlock just may be their undoing, says the former NDP MPP.
    Posted date : May 30, 2013
    Length of video: 00:02:23
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    This Saturday, the public memorial service for the late NDP MPP Peter Kormos is being held in Fonthill. Paul Ferreira calls his friend the most brilliant opposition politician of the last 25 years.
    Posted date : May 09, 2013
    Length of video: 00:01:55
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    As Queen's Park ratchets up for another political showdown over the budget, the former NDP MPP is puzzled by Tim Hudak's decision to vote against it sight unseen. Ferreira says the PC leader risks becoming a footnote in the anals of Ontario political history.
    Posted date : April 25, 2013
    Length of video: 00:02:38
  • Thought Provokers: Paul Ferreire (and Bunny)

    The Throne Speech is the appetizer but the budget is the meat that will determine if Kathleen Wynne's government lives or dies. So says Paul Ferreira and chief strategist Bunny The Cat.
    Posted date : February 20, 2013
    Length of video: 00:02:00
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    As Ontario Liberals head to convention this weekend to elect a new leader, it looks like the province may well have its first female Premier by Monday. The question is, for how long?
    Posted date : January 23, 2013
    Length of video: 00:01:58
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    The indefinite prorogation of the Legislature leaves a lot of MPPs with little to do. But there's a golden opportunity for PC leader Tim Hudak and NDP leader Andrea Horwath, says the former NDP MPP.
    Posted date : November 21, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:25
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    It was 20 years ago that the former NDP MPP, then a student in Ottawa, met Dalton McGuinty at a univerity town hall. "He's not long for politics" thought Ferreire. The rest, as they say, is history.
    Posted date : October 24, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:41
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    Saddling Energy Minister Chris Bentley with Ontario's first contempt motion is fine. But actually pulling the plug on the government now may be the opposition's last, best hope to defeat Dalton McGuinty.
    Posted date : October 03, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:34
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    Win or lose today's by elections, Dalton McGuinty will rue the day he took on the province's teachers. The former NDP MPP warns they'll work to pick off weak Liberals in the next general election.
    Posted date : September 06, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:06
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    When all that stands between the Liberals and a majority is convincing a tired opposition MPP to take a patronage job, it's time to look at MPP term limits, says the former NDP member.
    Posted date : June 11, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:24
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    The coming byelection in Kitchener-Waterloo is one of the most important in many a year. PC Leader Tim Hudak, says the former NDP MPP, goes in with a full count. Strike out in K-W and he could be done.
    Posted date : May 14, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:48
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    It was a very different Andrea Horwath who appeared at the Ontario NDP convention last weekend from when she won the leadership in 2009. She has evolved into a pragmatic leader for modern times.
    Posted date : April 16, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:43
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreire

    This weekend New Democrats elect a new federal leader. Former MPP Paul Ferreire critiques the candidates with an eye to which would be best for the Ontario party when the minority government here falls.
    Posted date : March 21, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:03
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    The ORNGE scandal is sucking the Liberals' attention from the issues that really matter - jobs and the economy. One more reason Health Minister Deb Matthews should step down, says the former NDP MPP.
    Posted date : March 07, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:20
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    When it comes to election debates, Americans really know how to do it right. Former NDP MPP Paul Ferreira says Ontario should take a page from their book, demanding more from our party leaders.
    Posted date : February 14, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:25
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    Ontario should study West Virginia - a poor state with a surplus, spending twice per capita what we do on health care. A hotel occupancy tax and road tolls - paid mostly by non-residents - is its secret
    Posted date : January 24, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:16
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    Political Gridlock: Get out of the car and take public transit, we're told. But that's not looking very attractive, what with the route cuts and fare increases coming down. Hello, Ontario government?
    Posted date : January 04, 2012
    Length of video: 00:01:57
  • Thought Provoker: Paul Ferreira

    ONW welcomes the former NDP MPP as a new Thought Provoker. In his debut Ferreira calls on the NDP to push for public auto insurance, saying lower rates could be a win-win for the public and the party.
    Posted date : December 12, 2011
    Length of video: 00:01:45
Paul Ferreira