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  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Funding a major public transit expansion in the GTA is a matter of hot debate right now. Doing that in a fair way is possible, says Mackenzie, and he has some new ideas on how to accomplish that.
    Posted date : May 22, 2013
    Length of video: 00:02:49
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The massive cost of moving gas plants in Mississauga and Oakville was eminently predictable and avoidable. The public-private partnership took away government power but stuck it with the bill.
    Posted date : May 14, 2013
    Length of video: 00:04:32
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The Liberal government's bill to impose a wage freeze on teachers and take away the right to strike is nothing short of extraordinary, says the former NDP senior aide.
    Posted date : September 10, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:46
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Toronto city council's decision to completely ban plastic bags without studying the impact is just the latest in a worrying anti-information trend by politicians at all levels of government in Canada.
    Posted date : June 26, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:04
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Congratulations are in order for NDP leader Andrea Horwath for having the political guts to advocate and deliver a tax increase for the wealthy. And hats off to Ontarians for saying it's time.
    Posted date : May 02, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:12
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    There are a few indications that maybe, just maybe, Canadians are willing to unplug that third rail of politics and support new tax increases. And not just for the wealthy, but for themselves.
    Posted date : April 12, 2012
    Length of video: 00:02:04
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The new Ontario budget is a masterful display of political chicanery, says Mackenzie. It pretends to be an avuncular exercise in spending discipline. But its hidden cuts would make Mike Harris proud.
    Posted date : March 28, 2012
    Length of video: 00:04:05
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    For those who harbour the belief that politics holds the solutions to many of the world's ills, the last while has been more than a bit disillusioning.
    Posted date : March 22, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:39
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    By not looking at revenue, Hugh Mackenzie argues the Drummond Report has manipulated Ontarians. Do you agree?
    Posted date : February 27, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:50
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The investigation into possible questionable practices at ORNGE, Ontario's air ambulance service, illustrates the inevitable difficulties that seem to spring from public-private partnership deals.
    Posted date : February 01, 2012
    Length of video: 00:03:47
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Rating the Bond Raters: You'd think something as financially sacrosanct as the credit ratings issued to Ontario and Canada would be free of politics. You'd think so, but you'd be wrong.
    Posted date : December 20, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:48
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Municipal budget making can be raw, people say, because the effects of cuts on people's daily lives are easy to see. It's time that same light was shone on upcoming provincial budget decisions.
    Posted date : December 14, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:20
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    In the face of "deficit panic" at the Ontario Legislature, the Liberals are going about managing the province's finances exactly the wrong way. It's not just about cutting - it's about revenues too.
    Posted date : November 30, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:37
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The Harper government's new voluntary retirement fund is neither new nor will it protect the tsunami of retiring Canadians headed our way. Mackenzie says its time for Ontario to step up to the plate.
    Posted date : November 23, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:19
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Turns out governments never did learn their lesson in the 2008 recession. Hugh Mackenzie says they're back to the same old slash and burn response to this economic downturn.
    Posted date : November 16, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:16
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The devil is in the details when it comes to the Liberals' promised 30 per cent tuition fee cut. Add to that declining revenues from a shaky economy, and the government is in a tight spot.
    Posted date : November 09, 2011
    Length of video: 00:04:42
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    What hasn't happened in the weeks since the election of the minority Liberal government is as notable as what actually has occurred. Hugh Mackenzie reads between the lines.
    Posted date : October 25, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:27
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The fact the 'None of the Above Party' crept above 50% support in the Oct. 6 election should be ringing alarm bells. Is anyone listening?
    Posted date : October 19, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:46
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The Liberal and PC leaders both say they'll have no formal or informal arrangements for other parties' support if there's a minority government. That's a strategic mistake, says Hugh Mackenzie.
    Posted date : October 05, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:42
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The platform costings of all three parties leave a lot to be desired. But $4 billion in unidentified cuts by the Tories leaves the biggest unanswered question.
    Posted date : September 28, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:04
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Tim Hudak's campaign is past its "best before" date, first derailed by the "foreign workers" controversy, then by its political and ideological association with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
    Posted date : September 22, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:33
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    A careful re-read of the Conservative Party platform, says public policy consultant Hugh Mackenzie, reveals a misleading and mean-spirited document.
    Posted date : September 14, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:37
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Voting for a party almost never has anything to do with approving of its campaign platform. Better check the fine print, though, because leaders will later claim to have a mandate to implement it.
    Posted date : September 07, 2011
    Length of video: 00:03:48
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Conventional wisdom has it that politicians should stick to their promises once elected. That's all well and good in theory, but if the promise makes no sense, it's better to break it.
    Posted date : August 31, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:58
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    NDP Leader Jack Layton, who passed away yesterday, had an incredible zest for life. For 35 years, Hugh Mackenzie watched as his friend’s infectious “glass half full” outlook inspired others.
    Posted date : August 23, 2011
    Length of video: 00:04:44
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    The Liberals and Tories are playing this election true to form, but the NDP is using a risky strategy.
    Posted date : August 17, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:26
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Civility in Politics: The sincere outpouring of support for the NDP's Jack Layton as he struggles with cancer has been inspiring. It shows a human side of politics that's all too rare these days.
    Posted date : August 08, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:10
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Up Close and Personal: Conservative promises of painless balanced budgets may work in Ottawa and Queen's Park. But at the city level people know better.
    Posted date : July 27, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:54
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Bad Policy, Bad Politics: It seems to be open season on public servants, says Hugh Mackenzie, and the Liberal government has joined in the attack.
    Posted date : July 20, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:46
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Hugh Mackenzie asks what's with the cone of silence? He adds even more issues to a growing list that election-skittish parties are avoiding like the plague.
    Posted date : July 06, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:10
  • Thought Provokers: Hugh Mackenzie

    What planet are Ontario's political parties living on anyway? Hugh Mackenzie says they're "hiding in the grass" from some important issues that touch our lives every day.
    Posted date : June 30, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:39
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    Economic storm clouds? What economic storm clouds? Why Ontario's political parties are sticking their heads in the proverbial sand.
    Posted date : June 22, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:35
  • Thought Provoker: Hugh Mackenzie

    A different kind of election "Sign War" has broken out in Ontario, months before the writ is scheduled to be dropped: Hugh Mackenzie, public policy consultant.
    Posted date : June 16, 2011
    Length of video: 00:02:36
  • THOUGHT PROVOKER: What does the e-health scandal have to do with a cup of coffee?

    ONW has sent Flip Cams to the smartest political minds in Ontario to share their insights. Today's Thought Provoker: Public Policy and Economic Consultant Hugh Mackenzie
    Posted date : June 07, 2011
    Length of video: 00:01:21
Hugh Mackenzie
Hugh Mackenzie is principal of Hugh Mackenzie and Associates, an economic consulting business based in Toronto. He has worked for over 35 years in a variety of public policy development roles in the trade union movement, the private sector, and at all three levels of government. He is also a Research Associate of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, where he has conducted and authored a number of high-profile studies. Hugh is a frequent public commentator on fiscal policy issues, most notably as the author of several op-ed pieces and essays advocating an “adult conversation” about taxes and public services. From 1991 to 1994, Mr. Mackenzie was Executive Director of the Ontario Fair Tax Commission. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Hugh holds a Masters degree in economics (public finance) from the University of Wisconsin (Madison).