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                              Tim Hudak, Wife Deb Hutton Expecting Second Baby


By Susanna Kelley

There's more than a provincial election expected this spring for Opposition leader Tim Hudak.

Mr. Hudak and his wife Debbie Hutton are also expecting something even more important - a new baby.

Several Hudak staffers have confirmed Ms. Hutton is pregnant with the couple's second child, which is due this spring.

"Obviously they're ecstatic," said Jacqui Delaney, spokesperson for the Ontario PC leader.

Mr. Hudak and Ms. Hutton are parents to a daughter, Miller, age 6. 

Miller has become a fixture at Conservative Party functions and her dad's speeches.

Mr. Hudak has said she will always grow up in a political milieu, given the passion of both parents to the PC party, and so they are exposing her to it early.

Mr. Hudak becomes a parent again at the age of 46. Ms. Hutton is known to be in her late 40's.




















Posted date : December 09, 2013 NEWSROOM
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